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Retire Ready with Everything Retirement

Retire Ready with Everything Retirement


If you’re getting closer to retirement, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into this next chapter of life. It’s normal to have questions – in fact, you may have a lot of them. How will you know that you’re ready? Where should you be saving money – and how much? – and what else do you need to do to prepare financially and emotionally? Where is your income going to come from, and what are you going to do with all of that newfound free time? What happens if your partner or spouse retires at the same time?

This train of thought runs through my mind daily because, while I love my job, I dream of retirement every day. (This makes even more sense when you realize that part of my job is working on Everything Retirement, this incredible community offering financial resources, lifestyle information and news for Canadians.) So, the questions keep coming. What am I going to do? Where am I going to live? Will I have enough money? These are important things to think about, and part of the reason we started Everything Retirement in the first place.

Fortunately, we’re one step closer to having the answers. Our team has created a tool to help Canadians determine just how prepared they are for retirement. In about three minutes, you’ll gain a snapshot of your retirement readiness as it stands today. No matter your age or occupation, if you are still working, this snapshot is for you.

Why? Well, most other surveys on the worldwide web that position themselves as ‘retirement readiness assessments’ ask you about one thing, and one thing only: money! However, retirement is much more than a financial decision – and that's where we come in. We believe a long, happy and fulfilling retirement is more than money – it’s about you, your family and your community.

Don’t get us wrong – we do believe money is important, but it’s not everything in retirement. More on that topic in another blog post.

So, what is Retire Ready?

Retire Ready with Everything Retirement is a program to help you get ready for retirement. The Retire Ready Snapshot is your introduction to a five-stage journey. To assist you on this journey, we have created a series of tools and resources designed to determine:

  • Just how prepared you are to retire
  • What support you need to continue and complete the process

We believe that retirement is an ongoing journey, and it evolves as we grow and mature. In your 20s, it can be difficult to imagine how retirement might look. In your 50s, it gets a little clearer, but there is always work we can do to better prepare.

We have created a 5 part program to get you started on your own retirement readiness journey:

  1. Retire Ready Snapshot Questionnaire – We take a picture of your level of retirement readiness in four key areas: Your finances. Your work. Your health. Your relationships.
  2. Retire Ready Snapshot Report – We issue a personalized assessment giving you an overall score measuring where you, and others like you, stand against each one of these subjects.
  3. Retire Ready e-Book – Available exclusively to those who have completed the Retire Ready Snapshot Questionnaire. This planning resource is a tool which pulls everything together and empowers you to move forward with plenty of support from the experts at Everything Retirement.
  4. Retire Ready/Everything Retirement Tools – Periodically, you’ll be introduced to additional tools and resources designed to maximize your retirement readiness.
  5. Come back and take the Questionnaire again – Come back once in a while to compare your progress to your last assessment. We are sure with some work on your part, together with our tools and resources, a fulfilling and productive retirement is in your future.

If you’ve read our blog post this far, you are like thousands of others who think about retirement often and want to be ready. Retirement isn’t something that happens one day and takes us all by surprise. You know retirement is approaching and you need to be prepared for this big step.

Join us for the journey. Let us be there as a resource to answer questions along the way.

Prepare for a happy, healthy and productive retirement – one that is much more than money.

Take the questionnaire today and be a part of our community for a happy, healthy and productive retirement.

You are not alone. We are here with you. Now, let’s get started!



About the author

Everything Retirement is passionate about creating stronger relationships with our members, clients and communities to improve their financial well-being and enrich people’s lives. We provide retirees and pre-retirees with the practical tools necessary to embark on a life of retirement with knowledge, insight and optimism.