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Improve Your Memory While Having Fun

Improve Your Memory While Having Fun


Memory games for elderly adults can be not only interesting and entertaining, but they can also help improve memory, contribute to overall mental health and enhance daily life skills. Plus they can be very entertaining. Memory games come in all sorts of modes, from word games like crosswords or word searches, trivia games, card games like solitaire, hearts and gin rummy, as well as numbers games like Sudoku.

You can even play online “hidden object” games, where your mind is challenged to find items within a scene. Other versions also have you use your memory to remember where they were located after they’ve been found and put them back into the scene.

Fun & Interactive Online Games

Hundreds of brain-boosting games are available online. Playing them can enhance a person’s memory and improve mental health. Even if you are not terribly tech-savvy, there are online games that are easy to access, and fun to play. Some can even be played in multi-player mode.

Word Puzzles Enhance Brain Function

Challenge your brain with word puzzles. Kickstart your brain activity everyday with a simple mind workout. Even if you cannot answer all the clues found in a crossword puzzle, simply trying to figure out the answers will make a difference to brain health. the New York Times has a daily free crossword called The Mini that is fun to do without having to spend lots of time or subscribe to the newspaper.

By the way, I solve The Mini regularly. It ends up being a nice little break in my day.

Alternatively, you can challenge yourself with word puzzle books available from most stationery shops and bookstores, or look for the daily puzzle in your local newspaper.

As well, you can play free online word games on sites such as Pogo.com or Royal Games.

If You Like Playing With Numbers, Check Out Sudoku

If you don’t already know it, Sudoku is an inspired and clever brain game, no matter what your age or ability. Bottom line, Sudoku is a logic game. It involves problem solving and looking for number patterns. Sudoku puzzles are available in most newspapers, in magazine-style formats, and online.

Daily Fun & Games

Keeping your brain in shape can be a lot of fun if you add card games, brain teasers, crossword puzzles, and word scramble games to your daily routine. Play them online or in real time by yourself, or use the excuse of a game to get together with friends. Play on!


  1. One study published in 2017 in The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology found that a computerized brain game improved memory in patients with a type of mild cognitive impairment. In the study, 42 patients played a “novel memory game” displayed on an iPad. In the game, players earned gold coins by matching geometric shapes with geographic locations. Not only did memory improve, but participants enjoyed the game and were motivated to continue playing.

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