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Happy Canada Day 2018, Eh?

Happy Canada Day 2018, Eh?

Way back when – as in July 1st, 1867 – Canada became “a self-governing dominion of Great Britain and a federation of four provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.” And thus Dominion Day, (an annual holiday) – which most of us baby boomers will recall July 1st being called – was born. That name stood the test of time for well over a hundred years, but then…

…on October 27th, 1982, a motion was put forward through an Act of Parliament to change the name of the holiday to Canada Day.

For most Canadians, this date is considered to be our country’s birthday. And we’ve been celebrating it in style ever since!

The Party is On!

You can pretty much count on Canada Day to be filled with events – from parades and musical extravaganzas, to picnics and cake eating, to flag waving and huge displays of fireworks. Speeches will be made. Games will be played. People of all ages and sizes will sport red and white t-shirts, headbands and hats, and the red maple leaf will be emblazoned on all sorts of commemorative memorabilia.

The ‘Maple Leaf Forever…’

The Canadian maple leaf will be front-and-centre in every city, town and village, every province, every territory – everywhere! From the west coast to the east coast and from the 49th parallel north to the arctic circle. Our nation will be partying and celebrating the wonder of our multicultural and tolerant society, founded on the true spirit of community, acceptance and diversity. These are attributes that we Canadians possess and the values we uphold.

We’ll say ‘eh’ a lot, and be polite to one another, and drink outstanding Canadian beer and wines, and eat regional iconic specialties like poutine, beaver tails, bacon, Pemmican and lobster (if you’re lucky to live in the Maritimes), as well as BC smoked salmon, butter tarts, Nanaimo Bars and anything made with maple syrup!

Life is good here, eh? You better believe it!