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6 Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

6 Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

Now here’s a fun activity that will not only provide lots of enjoyment but also contribute to your overall fitness level. Stand up paddleboarding, otherwise known as SUP, is a sport that’s catching on with people of all ages.

Whether you’re out on a calm lake or paddling in the ocean, SUPs are a terrific way to connect with nature while strengthening your body. Not a bad combination when you think about it! Why not rent a board and a paddle and give it a try? Be sure to wear a life vest and some sunscreen and bring along a hat and sunglasses. From 8 to 80 and beyond, anyone can benefit in so many ways.

Paddle Your Way to (SUP)ER Fitness

1. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Both the paddling action combined with balancing on the board contribute to the development of strong core muscles. You’ll use your rectus abdominus muscles when you’re paddling as well as your obliques as you rotate your body and switch sides while drawing the paddle through the water. Can you just picture your abs after a few months of this activity?

2. Your Legs Get a Workout

If you’re using proper technique: knees slightly bent and your legs engaged as you maintain your balance, your quads will be forced to work hard every time you put the paddle blade into the water. Keep your hips thrust back slightly as you pull through the water. This action will also work your glutes.

3. Build a Better Back

Done properly, paddling strengthens your upper back and shoulder muscles.

4. Heart Healthy

Once you gain confidence and develop a solid steady stroke, you can begin to paddle faster and give you and your heart a healthy cardio workout. Burn fat/calories and boost your heart rate with some fast interval training.

5. Rehab Never Felt So Good

Because SUP is a low impact sport, you can use it as a tool to provide rehabilitation if you’re recovering from an injury – to gently increase strength, fitness and endurance with little to no risk of injury or excessive strain on your muscles.

6. Stress Relief

Being out on the water has a calming effect for most people. With lots of negative ions in the air, both the mind and the body can benefit from a peaceful paddle along the shoreline. SUP is a very gentle pastime, where you can go at your own speed and take in the scenery and experience the joys of being in nature.

A Relaxing Activity

So whether you’re looking to get some serious all over exercise or just want to relax and enjoy summer out on the water, we recommend trying SUP as a fun way to do either. It’s also an eco-friendly way to spend time with family or some friends. In fact, SUP is unique when it comes to watersports in that it is a very sociable activity. It’s easy to chat to a friend paddling alongside, and if you have small children they can sit on the board and go for a ride with you. This makes it a lot more welcoming than sports like surfing or water skiing, which are very much one-person activities.

And another nice thing about SUP is that if you get tired, you can simply sit or lie down on your board and take a rest. Nothing beats floating along thinking about nothing once in a while, does it? Or just slipping off and having a little swim.